Founding Partner of Peds Care, P.C.

Dr. Martin C. Michaels

Dr Martin C. Michaels | Founder | Peds Care PC

Michaels died in December of 2011, but he left a legacy of caring and service to the many children he treated since he began his practice in 1984. He fought to ensure that children, specifically the underserved, received appropriate care in his community, throughout Georgia, and nationwide. He was a proponent of equal health care and insurance for all of children. An outspoken advocate for Georgia’s Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids programs, he used Health Check exams as the standard for all his patients regardless of their ability to pay.

He felt no child should be turned away from care because their family could not pay. He also saw patients whose families had balances. He established a “Medicine Fund,” and would take money out of his own pocket for treatment, as well as transportation to and from his office, if it meant a child could be treated in the early stages of an illness.

Michaels served as the President of the Georgia Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and served on its Vision of Pediatrics National Task Force. He championed adult literacy. A member of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, he served on the vestry, worked to improve adult education and created an annual community jazz service, wherein he could share his passion for music. He was a devoted husband, loving father, and was a loyal friend to many. He nurtured his family by cooking for them.

Many who knew Dr. Michaels, his work and his passion and dedication are still reeling from his untimely passing at age 55. It is only fitting that he be honored for a lifetime of leadership, service to others and unwavering support for Georgia’s underserved people.

Founding partner of Peds Care, P.C. Date: 1989

Peds Care, P.C. Incorporated-1995