Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage parents to discuss any aspect of infant care with us. All the doctors, practitioners, nurses, and office staff are part of our team, and we look forward to getting to know you and your children. We encourage you to develop a relationship with one of our providers as your primary caregiver. All newborns are different, they can be quite perplexing and sometimes cause you unnecessary worry. We hope this information will describe what is characteristic of normal newborns, and address some of your concerns.


Q: Who are the members of your practice?
A: We currently have four pediatricians, and five nurse practitioners

Q: Which hospitals are your doctors affiliated with?
A: One of our pediatricians sees new babies every day at Hamilton Medical Center. However, if your child
needs to be admitted, our physicians will admit to TC Thompson’s children’s hospital.

Q: I’m Expecting A New Baby. Do I Need To See The Doctor Before I Deliver?
A: It is not a requirement but, If you would like to meet with one of our owners before delivery, just call our office at (706) 278-6628 to schedule a time to come by our office and meet with one of our owners. We typically do these during the early morning hours, but if that does not work for you, it may be possible to arrange another time.

If you are delivering at Hamilton medical center and you choose Peds Care, P.C. as your child’s medical home, just give the doctor’s name at registration at the hospital when you go in to deliver. They will contact us as soon as the baby is born!

Q: Will I Always See the Same Provider?
A: All our providers have access to all our patient’s records, so any of our providers are informed of any diagnosis or problems with your child prior to each visit. If you have a specific provider, you would like to see just tell the receptionist when scheduling the appointment. There will be times when your chosen doctor is not available, and you can have appointment times with one of the other doctors or the nurse practitioners.

Q: If I have an emergency can I just walk in and be seen
A: As a rule, we discourage walk-in visits. If you really think it is an emergency, call us first, or if you are concerned, go to the emergency room, which is best equipped to handle true emergencies. Patients with appointments deserve to be seen on time. Walk-in patients will be triaged by the nurse, and if stable, will be given the next available appointment.s

Q: What do I do if I have a question for the nurse during the evening after your office is closed
A: When our office is closed, we have a 24-hour Registered Nurse Telephone Triage service. If you have a question after hours that cannot wait until the next morning, please call our office at 706.278.6628, and a registered nurse will return your call and give you assistance based on a well-studied telephone triage protocol.

For any additional questions you may have please call us at 706-278-6628!